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design, collecting, hobbies, arts, crafts.


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design, collecting, hobbies, arts, crafts.
What makes good tires?

Should you care about tires?

All of a sudden you are driving and you see a tire that burst. It may be upsetting and the...

Our infrastructure… (personal)

I suggest a plan to work from the ground up. Canada and even the United states seems to have a...
sand sculpture

Sand sculptures.

It is time to head to the beach. The beach is a fun place to relax, get a tan, and...
we recycle

We Recycle

We Recycle. From 1985 this was a household custom. We just had the Nintendo, and a lot of things just started...
virtual reality gear

virtual reality equipment.

virtual reality equipment is approaching. In case you have not heard, patented technology allows you to use hand eye coordination...
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