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culture, arts, movement, history, living.


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culture, arts, movement, history, living.
we recycle

We Recycle

We Recycle. From 1985 this was a household custom. We just had the Nintendo, and a lot of things just started...

Our infrastructure… (personal)

I suggest a plan to work from the ground up. Canada and even the United states seems to have a...
sand sculpture

Sand sculptures.

It is time to head to the beach. The beach is a fun place to relax, get a tan, and...
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 + Released:

the iPhone 8 + Just arrived and has the following specs. - 5.8in Super Retina (2436x1125) OLED edge-to-edge display - New 'all-glass'...
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 released

The iPhone 8 and 8 + were both featured at a recent Apple Convention. Feature changes discussed included improvements to...
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